Don’t Forget, Houston! Time for Estate Planning

Finger reminderMake it a point to learn about the factors and areas that must be addressed in estate planning in order to maximize, protect and preserve your legacy the absolute best way.

You don’t have to be ultra-wealthy to have an estate plan.

The Kokomo Perspective’s May 16 article, “Don’t Forget About This,” reminds us that the ultimate goal of estate planning is to pass on as much of your unused assets with the least amount of taxes, expenses, fees and time—and do it as privately as possible. You want to protect and preserve your legacy for your family, loved ones, and charitable causes.

This is why you can’t forget about proper estate planning. There are numerous issues to consider, and it’s best to do this with the help of an experienced estate planning attorney.

A few of these issues are common sense, like having the right type of estate planning documents; however, most are just not considered by many people.

Make it a point to talk with an experienced estate planning attorney about which issues should be addressed in your estate planning so that you can maximize, protect and preserve your legacy the very best way.

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Reference: Kokomo Perspective (May 16, 2015) “Don’t Forget About This”

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