Preparing for a Consultation with a Houston Estate Planning Attorney

At McCulloch & Miller, we understand – meeting with an estate planning attorney for the first time can feel daunting. You might not know what to expect, and you might feel slightly nervous about what questions might be asked of you. Today, we review some basic ways to prepare for this consultation. Overall, our hope is that you can find a Houston estate planning attorney that puts your worries at ease and takes the reigns of your estate planning process, so that you can rest easy, knowing your plans are on the right track.

Setting Expectations

First and foremost, you should remember that your estate planning attorney has your best interest in mind. He or she will make the process as easy for you as possible, and if you are preparing for your first consultation, there will be many other opportunities for you and your attorney to communicate down the road. Do not feel like you need to walk out of your first consultation with everything wrapped up and tied with a bow; estate planning is a process, and this is just the first step.

Gathering Documents

In order to provide your Houston estate planning attorney with some basic information, you should gather important documents to bring with you to your consultation. These documents might include: any previous wills or estate plans, bank account information, tax forms, investment account statements, and information about debts you might owe.

By gathering documents that paint a picture of your current assets, your attorney can start to get an idea of what kinds of estate plans might work for you.

Preparing Questions

It is also a good idea to think through questions you might have for your attorney. For example, what happens if my spouse dies before I do? How do I account for the possible need for a power of attorney? Are there ways I can be preparing for future nursing care costs? How do I avoid probate to make the process easier on my loved ones after I’m gone?

These are just a few questions that our clients have brought to us over the years – depending on your circumstances, you might have other things you want to know. It is important to remember that no question is too simple or too basic; the first consultation is a great time to go over the building blocks of estate planning so that you can set yourself up well for the future.

Communicating with Loved Ones

If you have a spouse, children, or other family members and loved ones you want to account for in your estate plan, make sure you communicate with them after the consultation to let them know how your plans might affect them in the future. By staying communicative with your beneficiaries, you can make sure there are fewer potential barriers down the road.

Are You Looking for a Houston Estate Planning Attorney?

At McCulloch & Miller, we understand that it can be difficult to navigate conversations around estate plans, and we are committed to making sure our clients have the tools they need to make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible. If you are looking for a legal team to help you through estate planning, the probate process, tax planning, or long-term care planning, give us a call for a consultation. You can be reach us by phone at 713-936-9073 or by filling out our online form and having someone get back in touch with you as soon as possible.


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