Should You Draft Your Texas Estate Plan Yourself?

When people start to think about the Houston estate planning process, they often think about doing it themselves. Either because of cost or other reasons, they believe this to be a better option than hiring an estate planning attorney. These estate plans, nicknamed DIY estate plans, are often riddled with mistakes and can be extremely expensive to fix. In fact, it is often far cheaper to hire an estate planning attorney to draft the plan first than to create a DIY estate plan that ultimately cannot be executed. Below are some common questions individuals have when debating whether to create an estate plan themselves, or to contact an experienced estate planning attorney.

What if I Have a Straightforward Situation?

People often assume they only need to hire an estate planning if they have millions of dollars in assets or have a complicated familial situation. However, these are not the only people that can benefit from utilizing an estate planning attorney because there is no such thing as a straightforward situation. Not surprisingly, every person and their loved ones are unique, so their estate plan needs to be unique too. DIY estate planning websites do not ask very specific questions about the client, instead just inquiring about their relatives and who they would want to care for their minor children if they were to pass away. This does not delve into the questions necessary to create an appropriate estate plan.

Estate planning attorneys actually get to know their clients, having candid and honest conversations about family dynamics. This helps them to get an overall picture of a client’s assets and life situation. They explain to their clients the different ways to plan their estate, giving them the knowledge to make a well-rounded decision about their future. Experienced estate planning attorneys can draft estate plans for a diverse clientele, ensuring clients get a plan that truly fits their wants and needs.

What Happens if My DIY Estate Plan Contains a Mistake?

Unfortunately, people do not understand that if an error is made with a DIY estate plan – and it is not realized until the person has passed away – there is very little that can be done. On the other hand, estate planning attorneys are trained to recognize common pitfalls and avoid those errors when drafting estate plans for their clients. Texas estate planning law changes every few years, and without the guidance of an estate planning attorney, individuals may not be aware that their DIY estate plan has been affected. Even for individuals who have already have a DIY estate plan in place, contacting an estate planning attorney can be extremely beneficial. They will detect any errors with the estate plan and fix them before it is too late.

A DIY estate plan may seem like an easier option; however, they are often fraught with problems. An experienced estate planning attorney will know to avoid common estate planning issues and create the estate plan right for each person and their family.

Contact a Houston Estate Planning Attorney

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