What Should You Bring When You Meet with Your Estate Planning Attorney?

If you are preparing for an initial meeting with an estate planning attorney, you are taking a great first step that will help protect your loved ones down the road. If it is your first meeting, though, you might have questions about what the meeting will entail or what you should do to prepare. On today’s blog, we walk you through what you should bring when you meet with an estate planning attorney, so that you can be as prepared as possible and get the most out of your time together.

Financial Documents

The first and most important set of documents to bring is your set of financial documents. These include mortgage documents, car titles, tax returns, and rental agreements. While you don’t have to necessarily bring bank account statements, you should have a good idea of where those accounts stand so that you can provide that information to the attorney. Many firms, including McCulloch & Miller, will send you a family document checklist that you can use to begin organizing these financial documents before you come in for your meeting.

Non-Financial Documents

This second category of documents is also important. If you have papers relating to a divorce, a marriage, an adoption, or a custody case, these can be critical for the estate planning attorney to keep in mind. Additionally, if you have done any type of estate planning in the past, bringing those documents will be helpful for your estate planning attorney to see.

Overall, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your initial meeting is only the beginning. Your estate planning attorney will communicate with you as you go on, making sure he or she has the relevant information in order to help you craft an estate plan that works for you. You should also always know that it is common, and even encouraged, to bring in questions to your meeting – your attorney wants to make sure you are supported, knowledgeable, and content with the services you are receiving.

Are You in Need of a Houston Estate Planning Attorney?

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