What to Expect During Your Estate Planning Consultation

At McCulloch & Miller, we hear from our clients time and time again that the estate planning process feels daunting – especially when it is just beginning. Luckily, with the right estate planning attorneys in place, you can walk into your first meeting with the confidence that your case is in the best of hands. Today, we review some of the topics you might expect to cover in your initial estate planning consultation, with the hopes that you might feel more prepared as you get ready for your own consultation.

Central Issues

There are three main topics that an estate planning attorney might want to discuss with you during your estate planning consultation: your family situation, your financial situation, and your goals and concerns as you begin your estate planning journey.

Your family situation is important because many times, clients want to leave their assets to a spouse, children, or grandchildren. The more your estate planning attorney can familiarize him or herself with your possible heirs, the more he or she can help you figure out a plan that works for everyone.

Your financial situation has significant implications for what kind of estate planning documents you might pursue. You may, for example, draft a traditional will with your estate planning attorney. You may also choose to create a trust or explore other mechanisms of bypassing probate altogether. Either way, the size and complexity of your estate will be one of the biggest factors to consider as you move forward. Any debts that you might have taken on will also be important to consider here, as those debts will become part of your estate when you pass.

Lastly and most importantly, the estate planning attorney will ask you about your goals and concerns. Every estate plan will look somewhat different, which makes sense, since each person’s priorities are at least slightly different. You may, for example, want to contribute significantly to charity. You may want to leave your family with money to spare, or you may want to make your debts as simple as possible for your heirs. Whatever your goal, it will be important to trust your estate planning attorney with this information early on in the planning process.

Your concerns are also just as important – if there are certain assets or beneficiaries that make you apprehensive or that you’re unsure how to navigate, go ahead and let your attorney know. This information will serve both of you in the long term as you navigate your attorney/client relationship.

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