Why Hire a Texas Estate Planning Attorney?

In Texas, attorneys are not required by the court for estate planning purposes; however, navigating the process without an attorney can end up costing more time and resources given the many steps that are involved in estate planning. If you are debating whether or not to hire an estate planning attorney for your Texas estate, there are several reasons to consider calling a trusted firm to offer you advice.

Navigating Procedural Hurdles

In Texas, a decedent’s estate plan must generally go through probate. This means that a probate court must decide that the decedent’s will or estate plan is valid before the heirs are entitled to receive the decedent’s assets. The more complex a person’s estate, the more time-intensive this process can be.

Probate court can be a difficult forum to navigate. Filing your documents at the right time, in the correct jurisdictional court, and with the right information is a complicated process. Because it is so easy to miss a step when appearing before a probate court, it is helpful to have an attorney who can ensure everything goes smoothly the first time around.

Avoiding Probate Court

In some situations, families are able to circumvent probate court altogether. By crafting an estate plan that avoids the need for probate court, heirs are able to receive funds more quickly, and loved ones are able to avoid a major headache. In order to consider avoiding probate court, it is important to speak with an estate planning attorney who can help you figure out how to properly prepare your estate based on your long-term needs.

Looking Out for Your Loved Ones

Ultimately, the biggest reason to hire an estate planning attorney is to do what is best for you and your loved ones. If you want to make sure your family is well taken care of after you are gone, speak with an attorney who can make sure your assets are organized so that your family can easily access them when needed. At McCulloch & Miller, we pride ourselves in diligently looking out for you and your loved ones because we know how much the people in your life matter to you.

Are You Looking for an Estate Planning Attorney for You or Your Family?

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