Avoiding “Scare Tactics” Employed by Estate Planning Companies

Being deceived by anyone can be upsetting. However, when it is someone who claims to have your best interests at heart—and it impacts your financial future—it can become downright infuriating. There are ways to discern between companies who are only out for their own selfish financial gain—and will even lie to clients about what is best for them—and those that actually care about an individual’s situation and their family. When it comes to Texas estate planning, finding an estate planning attorney who will handle the matter with grace, hard work, and efficiency is critical.

Texas-based CLA Estate Services, Inc. and CLA USA Used “Scare Tactics” to Dupe Seniors Into Buying Estate Plan Products

In Seattle, a judge ruled that a company providing estate planning services must pay more than $6.1 million to people in Washington because it pressured people to buy its products by using “scare tactics.” Specifically, the company scared seniors into believing they would be left vulnerable unless they purchased the company’s Lifetime Estate Plan and set up revocable trusts, which gave the company further access to their funds over time.

There are factors to look at when evaluating estate planning services companies and attorneys, to make sure they have your best interest at heart and are here to put a person’s future—and that of their family—first.

  1. Experience: Texans should look for experience when evaluating estate planning attorneys. For example, if attorneys at the firm do not have experience in all the facets of estate planning—including wills, trust, and probate law—it is a sign they do not have the familiarity to advise clients on a wide variety of situations that might arise. Without a knowledgeable and thorough attorney, mistakes will likely be made, all of which means costs in the future to fix these errors. Estate planning is also a complex area of law, so it is important to have an attorney that specializes in the client’s state of residence and has confidence in the recommendations they are making to the client.
  2. Sensitivity and Professionalism:  Because estate planning is often a stressful and unfamiliar process, it is important to look for an attorney who handles the matter with sensitivity and professionalism. Often this means the attorney is also responsive, flexible, and detail-oriented. If the individual or their family has questions, the estate planning attorney should be willing to answer them all, understanding how the right estate plan can secure a person’s future.

Deciding on an estate planning attorney may be difficult; however, by looking for firms with the above qualities, Texans will be able to find an attorney that will work in their best interest.

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