Why Is it Essential to Plan Ahead for Texas Elder Care?

Thinking about long-term care—especially as a person ages—can be an overwhelming and scary process. However, as time goes on, it can be more difficult for seniors to obtain proper long-term care. This is why planning ahead is essential. Elder law attorneys will discuss financing for long-term care, which includes often applying for Medicare and Texas Medicaid. Although these are difficult conversations to have, starting the process as soon as possible can ensure a smooth transition when the time does come for new housing or medical care.

Plan Now, Avoid Care Issues Later

The Massachusetts Attorney General recently announced a settlement with a nursing home to resolve allegations that they failed to meet the needs of their residents. The Attorney General’s investigation found that within the time span of a year, the nursing home admitted residents that they did not have trained staff members to properly care for them or the necessary equipment. This also included the staff failing to properly prevent the development of ulcers on residents. The case is an example of a nursing home failing to properly care for its residents.

Planning for long-term care can help avoid having to go with subpar nursing homes; instead, having a plan in place will avoid many of these pitfalls of last-minute decisions. This is where an elder law attorney can help. Elder law attorneys not only discuss creating estate planning documents that are necessary for a senior’s medical care, but they also encourage families to discuss their finances now and plan for nursing home care costs, if necessary.

Texas Medicaid Benefits for Nursing Homes

For many families, this includes applying for Texas Medicaid and Medicare. Medicare is a federal health insurance program, which covers some medical care for individuals 65 years old and older. On the other hand, Medicaid helps with healthcare costs for people with limited income and resources. Even if an individual is not at the age where they are eligible for these benefits, having the discussion now can make the application process smoother when it is time to apply.

Additionally, families can talk with an elder law attorney about potential long-term care options, including nursing homes or having a family member provide care. Although it is impossible to know what specific care a loved one will need in the future, the attorney will show families the potential options—this often reduces stress when it comes to actually make these decisions.

Planning for the future, especially when it comes to an aging person’s health, can be scary. However, it is important not to wait for a health crisis to start the process; instead, families should start planning ahead now and contact an experienced elder law attorney who can help.

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