Google Makes Estate Administrator’s Job a Tad Easier

MP900446463Recognizing the ever-growing concern over managing online accounts of deceased loved ones, Google has changed the options on their support page regarding access to a deceased user's account.  We're glad to see that Google allows survivors to manage their loved one's accounts in the event of death, especially when clear instructions may not have been left behind by the deceased.  You may visit the  updated page to review the various options available to family members or those individuals interested in planning their own estates.

Earlier this month our blog discussed Facebook offering a new feature called: "Legacy Contact."  This feature may also help your loved ones secure your account after your death and allow you to make specific designations about your account. 

Although many state legislatures are attempting to define how digital accounts may be managed after the user passes away, we believe that it is a good step forward that Google and Facebook are making in helping families gain a better understanding of the available options for digital asset management.

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