Robin Williams’ Estate Battle Continues

Man-couple-people-woman-medium fightingDivorce lawyers know that some of the most intense fights between a couple can erupt over the most insignificant item —- a matchbook collection or a set of souvenir spoons from family vacations. 

The stuff being fought over serves as a proxy because the parties are angry with each other and want to fight over something. The same thing happens in estate law when heirs do not get along and resent each other. The heirs will fight over those very same inexpensive souvenir spoons.

However, in estate law these battles do not make it to court as often as they do in divorce law because divorcing couples are already in court. Most of the time heirs feuding over junk find it cost prohibitive to hire attorneys. Robin Williams' estate might be an exception.

His personal property might be valuable to collectors. So even though the real reason his heirs are fighting is probably not out of any great desire to have his bicycle collection or books, those items are issues in his estate. Issues that the court might have to settle were recently the subject of an ABC7 report titled "Robin Williams’ Bikes Are An Issue In Estate Battle."

What does this means for estate planning purposes? If you suspect your heirs might have lingering disputes with each other, then it is a good idea to spell out who gets what property as specifically as possible. While you think there is nothing worth fighting over, any heirs who have a bone to pick may pick a fight over your “stuff” after you are gone.

Contact an estate planning attorney to help you avoid (and prevent) petty feuds over your estate.

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