Dr. Marcia Levetown Communication Solution

Marcia LevetownWe have recently learned about an exciting new service that we believe may help assist clients in bridging the gap between the circles of care, as we noted in yesterday's blog.

Marcia Levetown, M.D. has recently formed HealthCare Communication Associates[1].  Her mission is to lessen the confusion, anxiety and risks associated with chronic and/or severe illness and to help enhance the quality of life for both clients and their loved ones.  HealthCare Communication Associates' clients benefit from having full, personal attention focused on their well-being.

HCA is the ultimate second opinion, offered by competent medical professionals on a one-to-one basis, with client-focused information and communication tailored to the clients' and families' needs.

HCA can conduct an in-person, phone, Skype or email consultation and review with the provision of written recommendations based on the ill person's overall health, specific conditions and priorities.  HCA can facilitate a discussion about and documentation of health goals, to ensure they are consistent with personal values and that they are based on a clearer understanding of one's personal health conditions, treatment options, and their likely outcomes.  Such discussion and planning can sharpen the focus for all concerned family members and improve the effectiveness of management by your clinical team to help you achieve your goals.  Suggestions will also be made regarding other helpful services or resources to make everyone's life easier.

Dr. Levetown's approach has the potential to increase the utility of current treatment plans, through collaboration with your clinicians and legal counsel to create a unified, simplified plan that works best for you and your family.

HCA's other benefits include:

1.  Improved understanding of how to access accurate health information and on-line and local support for affected individuals, loved ones and/or family caregivers.

2.  Improved ability to plan for the future – from a health, social and practical standpoint.

3.  "After hours" access when you need it.

4.  Family meetings by Skype, phone and/or in person.

5.  Reduced overall cost and complexity of care.

[1]While Dr. Levetown is a board certified and licensed physician, the services described herein do NOT constitute medical care.  Dr. Levetown will base her suggestions and recommendations on information available from the affected individual and/or family.  No physical examination will be performed and no tests or medications ordered.  No physician patient relationship is created through the offering of these advisory (not clinical) services.  She may also seek the assistance of other healthcare, social services and/or legal professionals in formulating her opinions and recommendations, which are informational to the affected individual and family.  Monthly subscription or hourly billing services are available to fit your needs. 

Marcia Levetown, MD at DrLevetown@SherpaDoc.com or www.SherpaDoc.com and cell: 281-804-5714.

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