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4.27.19Those who happily enjoy senior discounts at national parks, fast food restaurants and movie theaters will tell you that turning 59 ½ is no big deal. Chances are at 59 ½, you’re still enjoying good health, working productively and wise enough to know you’re a bit smarter than you were back in the day.

59 ½ is around the time that people wake up to the idea that hey, they really are getting older. With that realization, they need to embrace the financial benefits of their age and there are more than a few, according to the article “What Should You Do When You Turn 59½?” from Kiplinger. Here are some of the advantages, and also a few to-do items.

Review Your 401(k). At age 59½, you reach the magic age when you can start taking money out of your retirement accounts without penalty. That’s not to say it’s time to drain your accounts, but it does give you more options.

Marcia LevetownWe have recently learned about an exciting new service that we believe may help assist clients in bridging the gap between the circles of care, as we noted in yesterday's blog.

Marcia Levetown, M.D. has recently formed HealthCare Communication Associates[1].  Her mission is to lessen the confusion, anxiety and risks associated with chronic and/or severe illness and to help enhance the quality of life for both clients and their loved ones.  HealthCare Communication Associates' clients benefit from having full, personal attention focused on their well-being.

HCA is the ultimate second opinion, offered by competent medical professionals on a one-to-one basis, with client-focused information and communication tailored to the clients' and families' needs.

Concerned elderThe new programs will be working with those in the private sector and nonprofits to help law enforcement attune to impalpable signals that could indicate mistreatment of this vulnerable population.

Los Angeles is taking a stand against elder abuse with new training programs for the private sector and nonprofits.

“Our office is in the forefront of domestic violence,” the City Attorney commented to the Los Angeles Daily News, as reported in an article titled "L.A. gets $1.6 million to combat elder abuse."

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