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Marcia LevetownWe have recently learned about an exciting new service that we believe may help assist clients in bridging the gap between the circles of care, as we noted in yesterday's blog.

Marcia Levetown, M.D. has recently formed HealthCare Communication Associates[1].  Her mission is to lessen the confusion, anxiety and risks associated with chronic and/or severe illness and to help enhance the quality of life for both clients and their loved ones.  HealthCare Communication Associates' clients benefit from having full, personal attention focused on their well-being.

HCA is the ultimate second opinion, offered by competent medical professionals on a one-to-one basis, with client-focused information and communication tailored to the clients' and families' needs.

Levetown slideWhy is getting older so difficult?  No one expects to be impaired or disabled — we are a hopeful species!

Why is it so difficult to get comprehensive advice about effective aging strategies to better protect yourself and your loved ones?  In many cases,  because the answers do not live within only one specialized knowledge base.  In dealing with the care of aging parents or other loved ones, there are three realms of concern at play, which operate in interlocking circles:  Health; Finance and Legal.

Each of the three circles represents one of the emerging needs of older Americans best addressed by elder-centric professionals.  We suggest that professionals within the health care, financial and legal worlds work together to provide a seamless and proactive approach to managing age-related concerns, such as chronic illness and related hardships.  As professionals, we can still respect the attorney-client privilege, guard personal health information, and help maintain an elder's dignity and independence. 

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