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MP900438735We understand people are living longer and many live into their 90s. More than 25 percent of seniors living at home receive help with day-to-day living activities. Ten percent of seniors older than age of 80 live in a long-term care facility. Have you made prudent plans for longer living?

Medical issues associated with aging are most apt to be the reason life gets expensive during your later years. It’s very useful to look forward and understand the types of medical issues that could happen down the road. That’s the advice from a recent article in the Oakville (ONT) Beaver titled“Living in your later years can be expensive – plan ahead.”Americans, just like our friends to the north, need to better understand how to plan for the future. This article gave some interesting perspectives on the aging process. Here are some facts:

  • People are living longer and many live into their 90s.
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