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It is never too early to begin thinking about retirement. In fact, the wisest people often begin planning and saving for retirement early on, understanding that doing so can pay off in a big way down the line. One question many Texas individuals have when thinking about their retirement plans is what type of assets they should plan to live off of in retirement and what assets they should be passing down to their children in order to be tax-efficient and living comfortably. A Houston estate planning attorney can be a vital asset in answering these questions.

What Are Your Retirement Goals?

An important first step in answering this question is asking an additional question: what are my retirement goals? Do you want to leave as much as possible to your children and grandchildren? Do you plan on supporting charitable organizations in retirement and through your estate? Once your goals are identified, you can begin to figure out how to have different accounts and assets titled and earmarked appropriately to ensure they transfer in the correct way. It is important while planning to plan for both your core assets and excess capital.

100 billsSo, you didn’t win the big lottery? The country’s first billion dollar jackpot got a lot of folks dreaming about a lavish lifestyle and living the good life. Reality hit and your Houston lifestyle includes that Monday morning commute. Reality doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a plan.

US New & World Report's recent article "Lottery Winner or Not, Have a Windfall Plan," says let's have fun with the fantasy that your purchase of a $2 lotto ticket will make you a billionaire by discussing a lottery game plan:

Lottery Game Plan

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