Good News for Houston Families: James Earl Jones Tackles Elder Law Topics

MP900422340 (1)"In America" discusses elder law and the way that legal standards and details are changing over time.

What exactly is Elder Law? Why is this so important for Americans?

Elder law is a general term that describes the laws and regulations that affect older men and women. This term can relate to the proper care and guardianship of an older person who requires medical attention and can no longer function without assistance. The recent Insurance News Net article, titled Elder Law is discussed with host James Earl Jones on "In America,” notes that the range of topics elder law addresses includes divorce among adults over 65 years old and law regarding elder abuse.

Elder law attorneys for individuals, or for their loved ones, advocate for their clients’ rights and personal goals. They handle details related to estate planning, retirement, government programs like Social Security and Medicaid, and guardianship when a senior is unable to deal with his or her own personal affairs. This also includes long-term care, nursing home issues, and end-of-life planning.

Because this is such a broad category of laws and the effects of those laws differ based on the circumstances, elder law attorneys provide services that focus on the specific goals and concerns of older men and women. The options that are available to an individual or their family will depend on the situation and the person's health. This is why it’s a good idea to speak to an experienced elder law attorney to discuss your particular situation and your objectives for your Houston estate planning.

You can find information about elder law on "In America" with host James Earl Jones. This is a good introduction and can get the discussion going. However, to get concrete answers for your or your loved one’s situation, seek the help of an experienced elder law attorney.

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Reference: Insurance News Net (March 16, 2015) Elder Law is discussed with host James Earl Jones on "In America"”


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