Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Estate Auction a Festival of Hollywood Bling, Old School Style

4.27.18Famed for a long string of husbands, Zsa Zsa’s estate auction will include the glamorous four-poster bed that she shared with three of her nine husbands. Yes, nine!

If you’re in the market for glitz, check out the estate sale of the late Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress and socialite as described by The New York Post in “Zsa Gabor estate auction includes bling, four-poster bed.” Going on the auction block are a huge collection of luxury items, including everything from rhinestone-beaded gowns and costume jewelry to gold-plated candelabras and tableware. Known for her many husbands and a high social profile, Zsa Zsa died at age 99 in 2016.

The auction will include an English saddle that was given to Gabor by her friend Ronald Reagan and the dining table at which she entertained Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Tony Curtis. Heritage Auctions will auction off everything at the mansion itself on April 14, but they’ll also take online bids.

“What I love most is the necklace that says ‘Dah-ling,’” in rhinestones, Margaret Barrett said of the goodies.

“It’s fun because that was her catchphrase,” she muses.

The California driver’s license that Zsa failed to produce during a 1989 traffic stop is also up for auction. She was convicted, if you recall, at age 72, of slapping a Los Angeles patrolman.

However, as the story says, even as she stumbled from her Rolls-Royce on that day—with a flask of Jack Daniels in the front seat—she looked marvelous.

“I don’t think she ever left the house unless she was fully dolled up,” said Heritage Auctions consignment director Margaret Barrett.

Zsa Zsa was famous for her over-the-top lifestyle, which included evening gowns loaded with ruffles and bows, and an attitude that would have been just perfect for today’s celebrity media.

Reference: New York Post (March 21, 2018) “Zsa Gabor estate auction includes bling, four-poster bed”

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