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4.27.18Famed for a long string of husbands, Zsa Zsa’s estate auction will include the glamorous four-poster bed that she shared with three of her nine husbands. Yes, nine!

If you’re in the market for glitz, check out the estate sale of the late Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress and socialite as described by The New York Post in “Zsa Gabor estate auction includes bling, four-poster bed.” Going on the auction block are a huge collection of luxury items, including everything from rhinestone-beaded gowns and costume jewelry to gold-plated candelabras and tableware. Known for her many husbands and a high social profile, Zsa Zsa died at age 99 in 2016.

The auction will include an English saddle that was given to Gabor by her friend Ronald Reagan and the dining table at which she entertained Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Tony Curtis. Heritage Auctions will auction off everything at the mansion itself on April 14, but they’ll also take online bids.

6.3.16Whether for reasons of death or divorce, an estate sale can be an emotional roller coaster. Prepare yourself for challenges so that you are not taken by surprise when possessions unleash a flood of memories.

It's not always easy to make rational decisions when handling the logistics of an estate sale, explains a recent post on WCPO, "4 tips for dealing with the emotional side of estate sale planning." Here are four good suggestions for dealing with the emotions that often accompany such an endeavor.

Get advice. Don't take on this responsibility alone. As you begin the process of selling the contents of an estate, find yourself a support system. This can include members of your family, friends, and experts (like an estate planning attorney). These folks can provide you with valuable advice, and you may feel more comfortable when you've considered input from others. Given that this is an extremely emotional experience; you might also want to talk with a member of the clergy or a counselor as you go through the steps of preparing for the estate sale.

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