Houston Families Note: Alzheimer’s Deaths Higher Than Prior Estimates

MP900407501"Understanding that AD may contribute to almost as many deaths as the two leading killers in America, heart disease and cancer, is an eye-opening figure that may convince the public and policy makers that AD funding should be increased," James said.

As you plan for old age, and even while planning for the estate itself, it is essential to plan accordingly. Unfortunately, some recently released news regarding Alzheimer’s deaths has brought the need for proper planning up a notch.

Earlier this month, Reuters reported on a recent Alzheimer’s study in an article titled “Alzheimer's deaths much more common than realized: study.

Alzheimer’s is actually a fatal disease. However, the real toll from the disease occurs first during life. More to the point, the recent study found that, “Nearly half a million elderly Americans likely died from Alzheimer's disease in 2010, a figure almost six times higher than previous estimates of annual deaths.”

The original Reuters article has much to say about the study and about the nature of the disease itself. Nevertheless, beyond the data, this news should get us thinking about what it means to be living and planning for old age or an estate in an era of Alzheimer’s.

This is a story about medical facts, but Alzheimer’s also brings economic and legal issues to confront. If a loved one already shows signs of the disease, then there is much to learn and understand. Do not ignore the matter. Get help now, not later. Contact a qualified elder law attorney to help you with the legal issues and coordinate the professional resources you will need.

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Reference: Reuters (March 5, 2014) “Alzheimer's deaths much more common than realized: study


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