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MP900442233Emotionally, it's hard to let go of a home filled with memories. Moving is a hassle, and downsizing to a smaller home isn't always the cash bonanza some might expect.

When entering your golden years of retirement, what is the ideal living arrangement for your new stage of life? Do you stay in your home where you've made life-long memories? Or do you downsize to something else in hopes of saving on expenses and maintenance?

Even if you have yet to confront these fundamental retirement questions, you ought to consult a recent article in The Wall Street Journal titled “When Should Retirees Downsize Homes?” The Journal asks, “when” not “if,” but that does not mean there is not another side of the story. Enter the DailyFinance with an article providing yet additional reasons to stay put. In fact, that article is aptly titled “7 Reasons Not to Move in Retirement.


The process of selling a relative’s home is likely going to be emotional, from the sorting of the personal belongings to the finalization of the sale at the closing table. Expect that. And surround yourself with professionals who will be empathetic and helpful.

Many would agree that selling a home is a stressful process, maybe even claiming a spot on the "top 10 most stressful life moments" list. Even if it sells fast, there is still the hassle of moving itself. What about hen it is not your home at all? What if it is the home of your parents, and perhaps your sole inheritance, with or without siblings?

When it comes to selling an inherited home, there are some complications to ride out and with which you must deal. For guidance, consider reading are recent MarketWatch article titled “How to sell an inherited home.

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