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One big advantage of the trusteed IRAs: IRA owners can prevent their beneficiaries from spending down the accounts right away.

An IRA is a very powerful tool, if you use it right. Your IRA can essentially serve estate planning purposes beyond simple retirement funding in the form of a “trusteed IRA.”

A good place to start your education is a recent MarketWatch article titled “Trusteed IRAs Can Help Heirs Manage Inheritance.

As interest rates rise, more children of high-net-worth families are likely to tap into their trust funds to buy a home.

Buying a home means chaining yourself to a mortgage and the financial institution holding it. This arrangement is oftentimes considered a necessary evil of adulthood. But then again, when there are trust funds available to help, buying a home might not be such a necessary evil at all.

Under the right circumstances, trusts may be tapped to assist you and your loved ones, even when it comes to bypassing the bankers and buying a home. This is more and more useful as interest rates rise.

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